Motorbike & Scooter Rental

Zip through Chiang Mai’s streets and countryside on a motorbike. Experience the freedom to cruise winding roads, uncover hidden gems, and immerse yourself in the local culture. Explore on your terms and create unforgettable memories with reliable motorbike rentals.

  • Motorbike selection includes 110cc (Spacy/Scoopy), 125cc (Click, Moove, Zoomer), 160cc (PCX), 650cc (ER6N) and more.
  • Motorbikes are available for single-days up-to monthly rentals.
  • Almost always availability.

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Handsome man sitting on a white rental motorbike in chiang mai

Bicycle Rental

Pedal through ancient temples, bustling markets, and leafy lanes, soaking up the vibrant atmosphere. Discover hidden treasures at your own pace, interact with locals, and embrace the charm of Chiang Mai. The bicycles cater to casual riders, allowing you to experience the city’s magic at your rhythm.

There is a wide selection of citybikes and mountainbikes, medium and larger frames.

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Handsome girl sitting on a white rental motorbike in chiang mai

Car Rental

Experience the convenience and flexibility of exploring Chiang Mai, Chiang Rai, Chiang Dao or Pai by car. Whether you’re planning a family adventure or embarking on a road trip, our vehicles provide the freedom discover this beautiful part of Thailand. Choose from our cars and start an unforgettable journey through Chiang Mai’s hidden gems and iconic landmarks, all at your own convenience.

The prices are an indication and are subject to change.

Visit our partner to inform yourself about the availability and prices, and to book your preferred car.

Nissan Almera

From ±1200THB

Toyota New Vios

From ±1200THB

Picture of the Honda New City Rental

Honda New City

From ±1200THB

Toyota New Altis

From ±1600THB

Picture of the Toyota Sienta Rental

Toyota Sienta

From ±1600THB

Picture of the Toyota Camry Rental

Toyota Camry

From ±2000THB

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